The 2023 Grammy Awards’ Satanic Assault On Your Minds.

David Yoon

The 2023 Grammy Awards night was broadcast around the world with its usual pomp and circumstance. The glamourous red carpet parade was followed by an opening performance by (wait for it) “Bad Bunny”. It undeniably positions a globally, naïve audience to participate in yet another, Baphomet-worshipping ritual celebrating degeneracy. As with anything produced by the arts and entertainment industry, the hegemonic call is as always, powerful. However, it is subtle enough to leave audiences feeling merely entertained, oblivious to the assault on their undiscerning minds. We need only stand by and wait as copycat “Bad Bunnies” and mini Madonnas crop up on our streets or even our own homes, over the next few months through the cultural imaginary. With ratings up 30% since last year, it leaves one to wonder if people tune in out of interest or habit.

Undoubtedly, the awards show is getting worse as the years go by, explicitly normalizing all that is evil and ungodly. Among the number of degenerate performances of the night, Madonna’s introduction of Sam Smith and Kim Petras’ performance was compellingly disturbing. She cleverly hails an unwitting audience into agreeing with her, prompting them each time to applaud and “make some noise”. Encouraging “trouble-makers”, she celebrates them as courageous saying their “fearlessness does not go unnoticed”. She incites them all to rebellion whilst assuring them they are all “seen, heard and appreciated”. Flamboyantly, she ends her speech by introducing the concept, “beautifully unholy”. The contradiction in terms is lost on the ignorant who only hear words of acceptance, appreciation and inclusivity because they are caught up in a twisted sense of belonging amidst the euphoric lights and sound. Immersed in dark energy, they sit mesmerized, absorbing every ideology being vomited in their faces.

Sam and Kim’s performance of “Unholy” was nothing short of a metaphorical mass orgy. The casual display of sodomy, adultery, whips and chains, are designed to desensitize an already captivated audience. Their continued push against what’s considered, “acceptable boundaries” not only tells us it has become the norm, but they are attempting to convince us that it is also cool. The implication being everyone should party like them, and we are missing out. The entire system is screaming at us how we should think, feel and behave.

Spitting in the face of tradition, these powerful performances, persuasive speeches and roaring accolades from the live audience, subtly invite us to consent their cultural definitions. Consequently, the people will identify with a number of performers, whether it is Madonna draped in dangerous black or Sam as a non-binary identifying white man consenting to being publicly gang-raped. Kim as a transgendered woman trapped in his own body, deceived by his own mind, or the seemingly “normal” Beyoncé, slave to fame and fortune. These Baphomet-worshipping acolytes are telling us who we are and what to believe. Their destruction of all that’s good and pure is not complete until they have everyone gyrating at their footstool.

Therefore, it is time to fight against these mentally ill, porn-addicted, child groomers, and mind-raping junkies. Stop allowing them to manipulate us and start thinking for ourselves. There is nothing beautiful about being unholy. Under no circumstances, is it strong or masculine for a man to cheat on his wife and children. Nor is it right or cool to practice debauchery and lewdness. This is not the life God intended for anyone. He wants to see healthy families thrive, with purity and sobriety made cool and normal again. Resist being slaves to the culture, take it back, rise up, be brave and courageous. Tell your friends. Parents turn off the zombie box. Take your family to church, learn of Christ, and be set free from slavery. Madonna and her minions will burn in hell, she wants to drag as many of us with her. Don’t let her!

Romans 6:9

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