Melbourne’s Greatest Commie and Nazi Sideshow Spectacle.

“Remember, upon the conduct of each depends the fate of all.”

Alexander the Great

On Saturday 13th May, The Greatest Showman cast and crew met Melbourne’s Romper Stompers in a face-off calling for changes to Australia’s immigration policies. While one side was advocating for open borders, and pro-LGBTQIA+ rights, and pro-immigrant rights, the other wants “living spaces for white people”, and the end of Israel and immigration. Ironically both extremes of left and right, stood out front of Melbourne’s iconic and beautiful Princess theatre to provide the people with a cheap sideshow act.

A band of 20 Nazis clad in black, faced off against some 300 Commies. Both groups well-protected by Victoria police, chanted a medley of insults back and forth at each other. The Commies called out wannabe Hitlers, whilst wannabe Hitlers called out the elusive “Jewish power”. It almost felt like a scene out of West Side Story, only without good music and dancing. It was quite the show with one spectator even turning up with a seat and bowl of pop corn. I’m sure it will provide a lifetime of memes for the avid trolls.

Standing there long enough, listening to the chanting, it’s understandable how the entertainment and music industry is so powerful. I found myself almost involuntarily tapping my feet to the beat of their chants. It was like a B-grade concert of talentless performers who, just through the power of repetition, could potentially turn an unwitting audience into either mini Commies or Nazis. One would need great discernment not to get drawn in. Although, no one really likes Nazis, and most people think advocating for refugees is a “nice” thing, so I wouldn’t place bets on the Nazis converting many. However, they still managed to muster up a small, willing group to publicly spout their disgusting views, albeit all while hidden behind masks.

It has to be said, Hitler would be rolling in his grave at the sight of today’s Nazis. It was such a pitiful display of masked, unusually short, skinny and rather effeminate-looking pseudo men who claim to be of superior, pure white Aryan stock. Ironically, they resembled nothing of the sort, it was difficult to take them seriously. Worse still, in order to put an end to the protest, Victoria Police rolled in the divvy van to arrest and haul out the Nazis if they didn’t comply with “move on” orders as directed by Senior Police Officers. The Nazis obediently complied and were led away by their Ring Master Tom Sewell and marched off stage, safely escorted out by Vic Police. All the while sigheiling to an angry mob of Commies shaking their fists and screaming loudly.

There wasn’t a lot of violence, only a few scuffles from what I could tell. No one really got hurt, except Avi Yemini who was physically attacked, yet again. Nazis and Commies seem to go crazy whenever he makes an appearance. He almost has a Hitlerian effect on the people. Thankfully, most attacks were more of the verbal kind. One Nazi even called me Vegemight, now I can say both Commies and Nazis have called me Vegemight, which only proves my point that they are two sides of the same coin. I often wonder why they just don’t let the freak shows battle it out without police supervision and let the evolutionary process run its course. It would be interesting to see how many still turn up knowing there will be no police protection.

Dai Le, The New Face of Australian Patriotism.

“When eating fruit, remember the one who planted the tree.”

Vietnamese Proverb

Dai Le the new independent MP for Fowler gave an emotional maiden speech in parliament on Monday. Cloaked in traditional Vietnamese dress made from fabric printed with the Australian flag, Le stood gracefully, hailing Australia’s embrace of her and her family. Le’s victory over Former Senator Kristina Keneally is one to celebrate and her patriotism as an immigrant should put many traditional and native Australians to shame.

Australia’s immigration system used to operate on the infamous White Australia Policy. It had problems accepting foreigners, especially those from Asia. Only white Europeans were allowed on Australian shores. Hence racial wars and cultural clashes were felt and seen from the ground up, dating way back before 1971. Le’s maiden speech compared with Hanson’s 1996 maiden speech ironically highlights how far Australia has come in crossing racial divides.

Where Hanson’s speech asserted that, Australia was in danger of being “swamped by Asians”, and that these immigrants “have their own culture and religion, form ghettos and do not assimilate” Le’s was about Australia’s “hope, freedom and endless possibilities”. Sadly, Hanson’s flag-waving patriotism was not as well-received. Whilst Hanson’s observations were correct of many immigrants in general, Dai Le and the South-East Asian community have assimilated well into Australian culture.

Dai Le’s parliamentary attire alone, was enough to put Hanson’s 1996 concerns to rest. Many do have their own culture, and have formed a kind of ghetto, as represented by the seat of Fowler. However, values and beliefs are similar. Kinship, gratitude and humility maketh nations great. Le’s presence in parliament on Monday, was a testament to our hospitable country, and the strength and resilience of the Australian-South-East Asian community at large. The privileges Dai Le and her family enjoy today were not simply handed over to them. They, like many Asians of old, worked hard to accomplish all that they have. A far cry from today’s current influx.

Dai Le standing before parliament on Monday drove home anther valid point. That despite the perpetually offended communist class, and the racist greens senators, Australia is a welcoming and multicultural nation. Whilst Le is celebrated for her choice outfit, let’s remember what happened recently to one other Aussie Patriot. Rick Turner, was accused for inciting violence for standing draped in Australian flag on Australia Day. He was violently dragged across the ground and almost lynched. It is interesting to see none of Turner’s accusers at parliament on Monday, ready to lynch Le.

Lydia Thorpe and Adam Bandt are two traitorous Australians born and bred. They thumb their privileged (mostly) white noses at the Australian flag and everything it represents. Australia is in danger of falling to the very woke, very entitled, truly privileged class of fascists who want everything including Australia’s blood and soil. They accuse Australians for stealing land and wiping out a people, yet other voices from the podium tell a different story. The underprivileged, colorful communities show Australians love and gratitude. Guaranteed, they are not receiving half the benefits received by the privileged parliamentary class. Yet Le’s speech recognized the necessity of giving back to community, giving hope to Australia.

Love it or hate it, Australia is a melting pot of diverse ethnicities. Yet racism continues to tar its reputation. When certain groups cannot recognize the blessings and privilege we all enjoy today due to colonisation, they are being racist. The public square is no longer safe and welcoming of all Australians, especially those who pioneered and built it from the ground up. As we reflect on what it truly means to be Australian, let us also remember those who came before us, those who contributed to making this country what it is today, and those who planted those fruit trees many moons ago. Dai Le’s presence in parliament should make us all proud to be Australian.

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