Ralph Babet and the UAP’s Peaceful Revolution To Save Australia

“Political power grows out of the barrel of a gun”

Mao Zedong

Senator Ralph Babet of the United Australia Party (UAP) held a members meeting on Saturday 6th May. He started off by informing us of what he has been doing in the Senate, giving us the inside scoop on operations within parliament and the importance of numbers, and sprinting in a process called “divisions”. Followed by a “how to” on what the citizenry can do to effect change within the system. Overall, it was worth attending if only for cheap entertainment purposes.

Ralph Babet has an interesting history. A brief look at his Wiki page says he immigrated to Australia at 7 years of age from the Indian island nation, Mauritius. He has also claimed to be part Chinese on his dad’s side. Growing up in Narre Warren, he is of working class background, and even has a criminal record of unlawful assault. Most interestingly, he used to be a Greens voter, which in and of itself is not alarming, but unsettling, none the less. However on Saturday, he seemed to have cleaned up his act slightly and even managed to turn up in a 3-piece suit. It seems his $200,000 senator’s salary is paying off. A far cry from his “woke” green days. But he ticks enough of the right boxes to rustle up support from a multicultural electorate. The people love a feel good, rags to riches story from our beloved minorities.

According to Babet, we are the peaceful revolution, if such a thing exists. The duty of all citizens is to lobby government, sign petitions, write letters of concern daily, and participate in the voting process. The pen being mightier than the sword, at least when it comes to political solutions. Not only do politicians like to bury themselves in red tape, but they like to bury us in it too. “Send me an email” is code for “I can’t really help you now, get in line”.

He is also not above collaborating with the likes of Lydia Thorpe to attempt making amendments to Bills or get them passed. Apparently, in order to get member support on important Bills, one must be willing to compromise and negotiate, and if that means playing political games with other members, Ralph is ready. Perhaps he is in his element. Having run a real estate business, his salesman skills might actually come in handy when it comes to wheeling and dealing for the people. Or maybe, he is swimming with the sharks.

Ralph might be swimming with the sharks, but he is not alone, there are maybe four or five other independents swimming with him. A coalition is necessary, but is a lifetime away yet. Nevertheless, Ralph seems well equipped for his position. An experienced public speaker, he has taken to political grandstanding like a fish to water. His two-minute parliamentary speeches make for great entertainment, and easily keeps the people lulled into a false sense of hope that there may finally be a political solution.

Listening to them voice their concerns and experiences that afternoon, was almost heart-breaking. Many are disgruntled, unhappy, and oppressed. Looking for a saviour, and justice in this troubled world, they seek it in government. Oftentimes, it is difficult to feel sympathetic towards such people, but I have to remind myself that they don’t know better, that we all are sheep gone astray, in need of a shepherd. But that shepherd isn’t Ralph Babet, nor will he be found in government. That shepherd is Christ. He is the panacea.

So whilst I don’t believe there is a political solution and I’m obviously cynical about every new suit in town, the take home message was to get involved. So if you think there is still hope in politics, and you want to feel like you’re doing something, maybe get behind Ralph Babet and the UAP. He seems to be one of very few voices of reason in parliament today. Attend local council meetings, join a political party, volunteer to support them at the next election, and yes, write those letters.

Watch Senator Ralph Babet’s Maiden Speech.

Dai Le, The New Face of Australian Patriotism.

“When eating fruit, remember the one who planted the tree.”

Vietnamese Proverb

Dai Le the new independent MP for Fowler gave an emotional maiden speech in parliament on Monday. Cloaked in traditional Vietnamese dress made from fabric printed with the Australian flag, Le stood gracefully, hailing Australia’s embrace of her and her family. Le’s victory over Former Senator Kristina Keneally is one to celebrate and her patriotism as an immigrant should put many traditional and native Australians to shame.

Australia’s immigration system used to operate on the infamous White Australia Policy. It had problems accepting foreigners, especially those from Asia. Only white Europeans were allowed on Australian shores. Hence racial wars and cultural clashes were felt and seen from the ground up, dating way back before 1971. Le’s maiden speech compared with Hanson’s 1996 maiden speech ironically highlights how far Australia has come in crossing racial divides.

Where Hanson’s speech asserted that, Australia was in danger of being “swamped by Asians”, and that these immigrants “have their own culture and religion, form ghettos and do not assimilate” Le’s was about Australia’s “hope, freedom and endless possibilities”. Sadly, Hanson’s flag-waving patriotism was not as well-received. Whilst Hanson’s observations were correct of many immigrants in general, Dai Le and the South-East Asian community have assimilated well into Australian culture.

Dai Le’s parliamentary attire alone, was enough to put Hanson’s 1996 concerns to rest. Many do have their own culture, and have formed a kind of ghetto, as represented by the seat of Fowler. However, values and beliefs are similar. Kinship, gratitude and humility maketh nations great. Le’s presence in parliament on Monday, was a testament to our hospitable country, and the strength and resilience of the Australian-South-East Asian community at large. The privileges Dai Le and her family enjoy today were not simply handed over to them. They, like many Asians of old, worked hard to accomplish all that they have. A far cry from today’s current influx.

Dai Le standing before parliament on Monday drove home anther valid point. That despite the perpetually offended communist class, and the racist greens senators, Australia is a welcoming and multicultural nation. Whilst Le is celebrated for her choice outfit, let’s remember what happened recently to one other Aussie Patriot. Rick Turner, was accused for inciting violence for standing draped in Australian flag on Australia Day. He was violently dragged across the ground and almost lynched. It is interesting to see none of Turner’s accusers at parliament on Monday, ready to lynch Le.

Lydia Thorpe and Adam Bandt are two traitorous Australians born and bred. They thumb their privileged (mostly) white noses at the Australian flag and everything it represents. Australia is in danger of falling to the very woke, very entitled, truly privileged class of fascists who want everything including Australia’s blood and soil. They accuse Australians for stealing land and wiping out a people, yet other voices from the podium tell a different story. The underprivileged, colorful communities show Australians love and gratitude. Guaranteed, they are not receiving half the benefits received by the privileged parliamentary class. Yet Le’s speech recognized the necessity of giving back to community, giving hope to Australia.

Love it or hate it, Australia is a melting pot of diverse ethnicities. Yet racism continues to tar its reputation. When certain groups cannot recognize the blessings and privilege we all enjoy today due to colonisation, they are being racist. The public square is no longer safe and welcoming of all Australians, especially those who pioneered and built it from the ground up. As we reflect on what it truly means to be Australian, let us also remember those who came before us, those who contributed to making this country what it is today, and those who planted those fruit trees many moons ago. Dai Le’s presence in parliament should make us all proud to be Australian.

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