The Reality Of The Fictional Series Utopia

“What have you done today to earn your place in this crowded world?”

Kevin Christie, Harvest (Utopia)

Utopia is a fictional story based on a comic book about a mad scientist. Mark Dane was a delusional, paranoid, schizophrenic who spent 2 years in a mental institution where through art therapy, wrote the comic, then killed himself. The original British version was created in 2013 with an American follow up remake in 2020. The word Utopia, comes from the Greek Ou-topos meaning “Non-existent” and Eu-topos meaning, “A good place”. Ironically, the series makes a play of both meanings as it justifies bioterrorism, potential genocide, deception and propaganda for the sake of preserving and bringing in a perfect earth and humanity.

The powers that be have their own idea as to what such a place looks like and are forging the road ahead to bring in such a world. For the general population, Utopia will only ever be a made-for-TV cult series. A farfetched story of such unfathomable evil, filled with impossible cooker conspiracies that it would be unbelievable for such a place to exist. Relying on the naivety of the masses to absorb the series as merely entertainment, it is set in a world wherein people are told the earth is dying with over-population putting increased pressure on scarce resources. Sound familiar?

As part of their eugenics program, mad scientists play god as they concoct bioweapons to mass murder innocent children and mass sterilize the general populace. By using placebo injections, they target certain races to preserve what they deem to be a quality gene pool destined to take over the world whilst fostering a zombified class of proletariats designed to follow orders implicitly. The mass manipulation of the people is implemented through the mainstream media and corporate oligarchy to effect desired outcomes as part of their nefarious plan.

Let’s take Kevin Christie for example. Unbeknownst to many, he is the head of a company named, Harvest whose sole purpose is to reduce the world’s population. To most people, he is the CEO of a global food production company which is responsible for the latest innovation, that is lab-grown meat. Simpro or simply protein is being fed to children in multiple schools throughout the US. Christie represents the environmentally conscious. He worships the earth and believes everyone must do their part to earn their place in a “crowded world”. He is the greenest of all greenies. In efforts to reduce his carbon footprints, he cycles to work, manufactures lab-grown meat, and practices eugenics with genocidal tendencies, by adopting children whom he exploits to enact his biddings.

Life has no intrinsic value in Utopia, it is worth only what the powers that be say it’s worth. Everyone is expendable. The game is one of survival and only the fittest, strongest, richest, most powerful, most deceptive and most manipulative come out victors. Those with moral and ethical boundaries who allow their consciences to dictate them, lose. They are the supposed weak, worthy only of the incinerator where their DNA is burnt away into discarded ashes. Like the children Christie adopts, the masses are seen as useful idiots who only exist for the purpose of Harvest and its henchmen.

One might argue the series is either mocking actual “conspiracy theorists” or confirming “conspiracy theories”. It’s difficult to draw the line between reality and fantasy especially when deep down we know such atrocities can occur but refuse to believe it. However, one need only read the Bible to know man is capable of all kinds of evil, and those violent acts portrayed in the series are not merely the imaginations of a mad man. We are born into sin, inherited from Adam and Eve, inherently sinful and capable of much evil. Without a healthy conscience and the power of Christ in our lives, we would eat each other alive.

Thankfully, despite the propaganda, Christians know our worth is in Christ, in a loving Father in Heaven who created us for a purpose in this dying world. It is dying because of sin, and there is nothing Harvest or any other crazy, megalomaniacal dictator can do, despite how well-intentioned they like to portray themselves. It’s true everyone has a purpose in this world. Every life has meaning and we are born to do great things whether big or small. We are all cogs part of a system greater than ourselves. No man is an island, what we do affects others both in the long and short term. Find your purpose in Christ or be a slave to Harvest and the Christies of this world.

Many are the plans in the mind of a man, but it is the purpose of the Lord that will stand.

Proverbs 19:21

**Also published on The Unshackled

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